Scoop DuJour Donuts For The Win

From time to time, at the station we get treats brought in from clients or other stationeeres celebrating birthdays, last days or anything to justify eating treats. Yesterday, Kyle (our digital fulfillment coordinator) brought in donuts from Scoop DuJour. I thought I had my donut place already in Springfield, but now I just don’t know.

I allowed myself two donuts. One a simple maple, the other was a white frosted dipped in fruity pebbles that gave it a really nice crust. When I say these do nuts were amazing, I really mean it. They melted in your mouth and and had the perfect frosting to dough ratio. Plus, I really enjoy different toppings on donuts and Scoop DuJour has that.

Next time donuts are on the menu for you. Head to Scoop DuJour and get your order in!


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