The Springfield Legends Classic II presented by the Lucky Horseshoes showcases The Morning Routine’s Rocki and Sarah, former Cubs and Cardinals players on Saturday night

Do you smell that? It’s freshly cut grass, chalk lines, watered and raked dirt – it’s baseball weather. And with baseball conditions in place, there just happens to be baseball abound in Springfield on Saturday night as well!

Starting at 7:30 on Saturday evening over at 1415 N. Grand Ave E. – Robin Roberts Stadium – an appetizer to the incoming Lucky Horseshoes season main course, which begins this Wednesday at home versus the Illinois Valley Pistol Shrimp, will be served in the form of the Springfield Legends Classic II.

Springfield Lucky Horseshoe Logo (Credit: the team's twitter page)

In a seven-inning exhibition match featuring all of the food and fun you might – and might not – expect at the local ballpark, former baseball players from the Chicago Cubs will be facing off against former players for the St. Louis Cardinals; that is not all, however.

WNNS’s The Morning Routine – hosted by Rocki and Sarah – will be taking part in the fun affair too; both will be playing in the game, but you might expect a bit of antics and fun along the way as well.

In the hours before this evening’s match, we spoke to our colleagues about how excited they are to play a little ball, what they’re expecting tonight, where they’d like to play out on the diamond, and – most importantly of all – just how many horseshoes do they think they could eat across a seven-inning baseball game.

Rocki and Sarah of The Morning Routine on 98.7 WNNS (Credit: Trent R Nelson)

WMAY: Hey all – the famous Rocki and Sarah, why, we do declare; please – for those who do not know you both from each morning on WNNS – tell us all a bit about yourselves, but most importantly, tell us all a bit about your baseball and general sporting experience, and acumen!

Rocki: Sarah and I have a really good time waking up with Springfield every morning.

For me, to do something I am so passionate about on a daily basis is something I don’t take for granted.

We talk about our lives, and daily experiences and try to give a positive outlook through natural awkwardness, curiosity, and hit music.

I have played sports all my life, however, attending Columbia College in Chicago for film, my sport became wearing black and smoking cigarettes in the stairwell.

Needless to say, it’s been a while since I’ve played any kind of organized sport, so the Legends Classic should be a show.

Sarah: I’m just a fun-loving Mom who likes to hang out with my family and occasionally go for a run even when no one’s chasing me.

I watch sports, but I don’t do sports. This may be problematic for me, given that I’m going to be playing alongside former Cubs and Cardinals pros at the Legends Classic II later on; pray for me.

WMAY: We’ll cut to the chase: How freaking excited are you both to be playing in this star-studded event, with former big leaguers scattered across the diamond? 

Sarah: I’m beyond excited to be playing with living LEGENDS.  Former Cards/Cubs players? How lucky am I? Very. The answer is very.

Rocki: I’m excited. Not really sure what to expect fully; I’ve played baseball, and I know I can throw and catch, but having so many people around will be very different.

Unfortunately, adult depends don’t fit too well under baseball pants, so I’m just hoping to keep and maintain control. Again, it’s going to be a show.

WMAY: What position(s) are you each trying to play? Is there anything we should be watching out for when you’re out there?

Rocki: I would love to play anything in the infield. I am terrible at outfield positions and would rather not spend the game worrying about a pop fly being hit in my direction; catcher could be fun!

Sarah: I’m playing whatever position sees the least action.  I’m trying to survive, people. I don’t need to be a hero.

WMAY: Do you think we can expect any zany antics out there? It is hard to imagine a Celebrity or Legends match without at least a bit of shenanigans.

Sarah: I’m sure there will be plenty of antics on the field.  It’s me and Rocki, for Pete’s sake. We know how to bring the goofy and absurd to whatever place we’re going.

Rocki: If there is one thing this game will be sure to have, it is shenanigans. There’s a mix of all types of people with all types of skill levels. Put this together, and the only thing missing will be the clown makeup. It’s gonna be epic.

WMAY: Baseball is made for enjoying, and a Lucky Horseshoes game goes well with a Springfield Horseshoe; how many horseshoes do you think you could eat during the course of a seven-inning baseball game; be honest!

Rocki: I like to put my body on the line. I’ll go until I can’t go anymore. I would try for one horseshoe an inning, hopefully through the 5th maybe, depending on size. I may hurt myself this weekend…

Sarah: I can eat one horseshoe. I’m not trying to eat more than that and honk on the field. I’m a classy lady.

Rocki and Sarah of The Morning Routine on 98.7 WNNS (Credit: Trent R Nelson)

WMAY: And, finally, what are you most looking forward to about the day and event?

Sarah: I’m looking forward to hanging out with my friends and teammates, catching and hitting a few baseballs while enjoying a great Memorial Day weekend with Springfield’s finest in the crowd and on the field.

Rocki: I’m looking forward most to hanging out with a ton of great people, celebrating some of the great organizations of our city while consuming beer and brats – a little baseball too. This will be one for the books. We’ll see you at the ballpark!

Our thanks to Rocki and Sarah of The Morning Routine on 98.7 WNNS for their time; be sure to cheer them on tonight!

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