Illinois quick hits: Murdered police chief’s remains ID’d; Chicago police investigating rash of 7-Eleven robberies

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Murdered police chief’s remains ID’d

Human remains found in a west central Illinois storage unit have been identified as those of a former police chief.

The remains discovered last October are those of Richard Young, the former police chief in the village of Maquon. The Knox County Sheriff’s Office received confirmation of the identity after taking DNA from the decomposed remains and comparing it to samples from Young’s relatives.

A woman has been charged with first-degree murder and concealing the death of a person in the case.

Illinois Lottery sells instant game tickets after all top prizes claimed

An investigation has revealed that the Illinois Lottery’s Instant Game tickets continued to be on sale even though the top prizes were already awarded.

NBC 5 in Chicago tracked a total of 13 instant games that were on sale every day for a month even though the top prizes were long gone. The Lottery has a written policy that says it is supposed to discontinue a game as soon as the last top prize is claimed.

Chicago police investigating rash of 7-Eleven robberies

Chicago police say there has been a rash of robberies at area 7-Eleven stores.

Eight 7-Eleven stores have been targeted this week with four more robberies early Wednesday morning. Police say the circumstances are similar in each incident.

Two men with guns enter the stores and demand money from the cash registers. In most of the robberies, a black SUV is involved. During one robbery, a black Jeep was taken from a customer and used in another robbery.

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