Fund for businesses and residents affected by Adams Street fire in Downtown Springfield to begin paying out after July 10 application deadline

The first tranche of funds totaling $10,000 raised by the community for the businesses and residents affected by the fire at 413 E Adams Street on June 19 will be disbursed within a month of the tragedy.

The fund at INB, entitled Benefit for Businesses Affected by Adams Family Fire, was set up the morning after the fire as property owners, businesses and residents assessed the aftermath.

A volunteer committee of downtown champions will be reviewing applications on Wednesday to authorize financial payments to eligible applicants, who must rent or
own property within the square block affected by the fire, from the corner of 4th and Adams, to 4th and Washington, to 5th and Washington, to 5th and Adams.

Applicants do not need to be members of DSI to apply for and receive relief funds.

Applications are due by noon on Wednesday, July 10.

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