Chatham Police suggest that recent “Glenwood” cyberthreat was a hoax, step up local school patrols all the same

After recent alleged threats were made against “Glenwood” on social media, many suspected that one of the Glenwood schools in Chatham might have been what was being alluded to; Chatham Police Chief Vernon Foli and the rest of the Chatham PD, however, are not convinced.

Chief Foli noted when WMAY spoke with him over the phone that – upon their inspection and investigation – the department does not believe that the post is a credible threat, and doubts the original material even began in the United States.

Furthermore, he noted that the altered material did not specifically reference Glenwood schools at all, and could have just as easily been referencing in some manner Glenwood, Illinois.

Either way, even as the CPD considers the work to be more hoax than harm, the department stated that they have stepped up their patrol routes and presence around all of the school campuses in the area accordingly.

“We want to keep our kids safe,” Police Chief Foli said simply at the end of our discussion.

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