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Pritzker, Bailey Exchange Verbal Jabs

The rhetoric is heating up in the race for Illinois governor, as Democratic incumbent JB Pritzker and Republican challenger Darren Bailey trade potshots.


Pritzker fired first in the latest skirmish, with an ad this week criticizing Bailey for denouncing government “handouts” while at the same time Bailey’s family farm accepted $2 million in federal pandemic relief funds. The Pritzker ad notes that Bailey also donated thousands of dollars to his campaign fund, suggesting taxpayer dollars were helping to underwrite his political ambitions. Bailey has now responding with a blistering video mocking Pritzker as a “trust fund kid” who inherited his wealth. Bailey says Pritzker “never worked a day” in his life.


Bailey challenged Pritzker to spend a day working on his farm to see what real work is really all about.

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