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IMAG0159smIt’s probably the most fun you can legally have on the radio.

Every Friday from 10 to noon the guys talk sports, movies, food, and women … and of course they take your phone calls!

Don’t miss a minute of the game shows, the jokes and the good times with the Man Cave only on News Talk 970 WMAY, Depend On Us!

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5 Steps to Love

The Man Cave talks a psychotherapist so called 5 steps to love. Needless to say the guys are not convinced


Classing Up the Man Cave with Urine Talk

Mike & Molson discuss the tough topics inside the Man Cave like science discovering why asparagus makes your urine smell. The Buys also discuss the case of a 15 yr old boy peeing while riding a zipline

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Best Cartoon Themes of All Time

Mike & Molson found a list of the best Cartoon Themes of all time on The Guys discuss the list inside the Man Cave. The Boys also get into a “Muppet Babies” debate.


Upcoming TV Pilots

Mike & Molson discuss in the Man Cave some upcoming TV Pilots. Moslon gives the show’s name and Mike tries to figure out the plot. This leads to the creation of everyone’s new favorite character C.H.A.D. Criminal

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The Man Cave Talks w/ Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla stopped by The Man Cave to discuss his new Crowdfunded movie Road Hard. Adam also shares some insight on why you should never use a person’s Wikipedia page when introducing them on stage.


The Mancave: July 10, 2015 – Part 2

Esquire lists 83 things all men should do before they die.  Like have sex with a stranger…?  Plus, is Dustin Hoffman right about TV & movies…?  And, what’s on Bishop’s Doin It CD?


The Mancave 1-09-15 Hour 2

Foods that “hipsters” have ruined, most Googled words per state, and regrettable Facebook posts.


The Mancave Jan 2, 2015 Hr 2

Hour 2 includes actual reports from 2014 of things that got stuck in things, including Bishop’s horrifying story of a moth invading his ear

Artist rendition of T.J.'s car

The Mancave JAN 2, 2015 Hr 1

In this hour:  Is there ever a reason to back into a parking space…  T.J. Hart’s obscenely huge car… and banished words

The Man Cave Part 1 – December 5

The Man Cave Part 1 – December 5 — Johnny, Bishop and Mike are joined by the guys from Guns and Hoses, talk about bananas, the cost of 12 days of Christmas and more …

The Man Cave Part 2 – December 5

The Man Cave Part 2 – December 5 — Johnny, Bishop and Mike are joined by the guys from Guns and Hoses, talk about bananas, the cost of 12 days of Christmas and more …  

The Man Cave

Hour 1 – From September 26th

  • Luna

    I absolutely love you guys! Definitely my favorite radio show. I just had two questions:

    1. Is there some special way to get to the ManCave Facebook page? I’ve tried searching and I cannot find it (there are a lot of pages called “ManCave”, or “The ManCave”

    2. What happened to your podcasts? I have many of them up through August, but cannot find them on the WMAY site anymore.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!