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How Much Sleep do you get featuring Rays Mom

Rays Mom Millie joins the show to answer the question HOW MUCH SLEEP DO YOU GET.
Better Government Association / Official Website

Full Disclosure 6-20-18

David Greising from the Better Government Association joins Ray and Jim Leach for this weeks Full Disclosure

Council Roundup 6-20-18

Ray and Greg run down all the scoop of last nights council meeting

M&M: Actress, Director, Producer Lea Thompson [Interview]

Lea Thompson stops by to discuss her new film “The Year of Spectacular Men” as well as addressing Molson never have viewed “Back to the Future”. Her response shocked

M&M: Pixar Movies Ranked Worst to Best

The guys discuss a list that put together all the Pixar movies from worst to best.

Butthead of the Week 6/15/18

M&M: Erik Davis of Fandango.com 6/14/18

Erik Davis of Fandango.com stops by for his weekly visit to talk all things movies

M&M: Foot Taco or Feetjita

Mike & Molson discuss a story of a guy who turned his amputated foot into tacos for his friends

M&M: Eliminating States

A discussion about California becoming 3 separate states leads Johnny to try and get the US down to 23 states

Death Talk- call of the week

You never know who is on the line when Ray picks up the phone