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Council Roundup September 5 2018

Ray and Greg discuss City contracts and residency and a new app to help the disabled in Springfield.

Council Roundup 8-22-18

Ray and Greg discuss the council Meeting which includes debate on using Road Crews from outside of the city.

Council Roundup 8-15-18

Ray an Greg run down all the happenings in city govt.

Council Roundup 8-9-18

Ray and Greg discuss city business

Council Roundup 8-1-18

Ray and Greg cover the meeting and Urban Coyotes

Council Roundup 7-18-18

Ray and Greg run down the latest in city business

Council Roundup 7-11-18

Ray and Greg cover the city council meeting from Tuesday July 10

Council Roundup 6-27-18

Shut up and take the money- Rays thoughts on Sara Sanders restaurant visit

Could you imagine being Kicked out of a Restaurant because of your job