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Ray Lytle

Council Roundup 7-11-18

Ray and Greg cover the city council meeting from Tuesday July 10

Council Roundup 6-27-18

Shut up and take the money- Rays thoughts on Sara Sanders restaurant visit

Could you imagine being Kicked out of a Restaurant because of your job

How Much Sleep do you get featuring Rays Mom

Rays Mom Millie joins the show to answer the question HOW MUCH SLEEP DO YOU GET.

Council Roundup 6-20-18

Ray and Greg run down all the scoop of last nights council meeting

Death Talk- call of the week

You never know who is on the line when Ray picks up the phone

Council Roundup 061318

Ray and Greg discuss city Bidnezz!!

Council Roundup 6-6-18

The latest meeting of the Springfield City Council

Jim Leach Crusher of Dreams

Ray does a giveaway of Sangamon County Fair tickets with Jim Leach’s help

The Perfect Veggie

a doctor has determined which vegetable is the perfect vegetable. Ray, Greg and Listeners weigh in with their thoughts.