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M&M: Actor and Director Anson Williams [Interview]

Not too be outdone by Bruce Ward actor Anson Williams makes a return appearance to the program to discuss his Stay Alert Drops as well as tell some stories

M&M: A Dolphin Gets a Little to Close to Beach Goers

An Overly affectionate dolphin named Zafar has caused a beach in Europe to close down.

M&M: Actor and Dog Rescuer Burt Ward [Interview]

Actor and founder of Gentle Giants dog food Burt Ward stops by to reclaim his lead over Al Roker on most times appearing on the Mike & Molson show

M&M: When Booing Goes Bad

Mike regales a story about his friend being removed from his seat at a pro wrestling event for booing
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M & M : Introducing a New Character Annoying Paraglider Guy

A story of a Paraglider disrupting people’s time at the beach over in the UK leads to a new character on the show

Council Roundup September 5 2018

Ray and Greg discuss City contracts and residency and a new app to help the disabled in Springfield.

Council Roundup 8-22-18

Ray and Greg discuss the council Meeting which includes debate on using Road Crews from outside of the city.

Songs That Should Be Retired [Podcast]

Mike & Molson try to put together a list of songs that have had a good run but just need to go away

Actor Robert Carradine [Interview]

Actor Robert Carradine stops by the show to discuss becoming a recipient of the Silver Spur award. Robert also shares a great story about working with John Wayne and