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When Do Hugs Become Uncomfortable?

A story from California about a Corrections Officer suing a County Sheriff for hugging her a 100 times in 12 years got Mike & Molson into a discussion of
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Comedian Paul Provenza [Interview]

Comedian Paul Provenza stops by Mike & Molson to discuss a new documentary on comedy he appears in called ” Dying Laughing”.

Erik Davis of Fandango.com 2/23/17

Erik Davis of Fandango.com stops by for his weekly visit with Mike & Molson to discuss all things movies including this week’s new releases.
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Diesel the Girlfriend Shooting Dog

A story out of, you guessed it, Florida involves a dog accidentally shooting a man’s girlfriend. Mike & Molson give you the details.
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Cohort for Civil Civic Discourse

WMAY listener “Lokia” introduces us to her Facebook project Cohort for Civil Civic Discourse.  A sincere desire for us all to do better when engaging in our political beliefs.

Florida FaFuzzah

A story of love gone awry in Florida turns into a boon for Mike & Molson.

Pineapple on Pizza and Pot Pies

The President of Iceland wants to ban pineapple on pizza and a man swings an axe at his dad over a pot pie. All this and more in this

The “You Don’t Have Kids” Argument

A statement by the Pope involving children launch Mike into a conversation concerning the “well you don’t have kids” argument.

Face to Face Retribution for Internet Troll

Openly Gay boxer Yusaf Mack had about all he could stand from a homophobic internet troll and decided to do something about it. Mack proceeded to confront the man

Erik Davis of Fandango.com 2/17/17

Erik Davis of Fandango.com stops by Mike & Molson for his weekly visit to talk all things movies including this week’s new releases.