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April 17, 2014, 2:03 pm

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The Council Roundup

The Council Roundup, Wednesdays at 10 with Bishop On Air


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Morning-drive news anchor and reporter, Greg Bishop also hosts Bishop On Air, Weekdays from 10 to noon, CST.

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DOWNLOAD: Full ISP Report on Graham and Carpenter

It's taken nearly 10 years for a report on police misconduct to surface.  City officials once told the public it didn't exist or that it was off limits or whatever reason, but after a court order to release the record as a public file city officials have finally released the entire 2,300 page report on the conduct of Springfield Police officers Paul Carpenter and Jim Graham. 


This document is expected to provide a look not just into the conduct of two detectives skirting the law to collect evidence on possible criminals, but also a look at the culture of the Springfield Police Department. 


It must be noted that this document would not have been made public without the efforts of Calvin T. Christian, III, who worked through the courts to force the city's hand in releasing the report. 


(very large PDF download)


ISP Report

From the Library: From Rumors of Wars to America the Oligarchy

Join Greg Bishop broadcasting from the historic Lincoln Presidential Library from 9 to noon on 970 WMAY. We'll begin with a conversation about "One Destiny" being performed at the library, talk with Crime Stoppers, get into international, national, and local news with your phone calls.


On the agenda: Ukraine, Range Wars, America the Oligarchy, Calvin Christian's latest motion, Ald. Simpson's recent comments and your phone calls!


Sound off with Bishop On Air from 9 to noon on 970 WMAY, The News and Talk of Springfield. Listen live and call 217-629-7970, email, Tweet or Facebook. Also, be sure to check out the podcast updates with the Bishop On Air Podcast.


Sheriff Mack on Bundy Ranch and More

Greg Bishop takes on the status quo statists try to promulgate with a liberty perspective you won't find anywhere else on central Illinois radio. Tune in from 9 to noon for a conversation with Sheriff Richard Mack about the Bundy Ranch Standoff, among other important issues of the day. Get Bishop On Air only on 970 WMAY, The News and Talk of Springfield

Sheriff Mack on Bundy Ranch

Right at the top of the show, and with the latest on the Bundy Ranch situation, famed Sheriff Richard Mack will join the show! Sheriff Mack is favored among the circles of people who really know what's going on this country and he'll break down the latest and why it's important not to let our guard down. Mack will also be in Springfield this Friday evening at the Northfield Inn Conference Center as part of the Constitutional Sheriff's and Peace Officers Association's tour. More details today with Bishop On Air.


We'll jump into the vaccine debate to air comments made by Jenny McCarthy and also talk about a new policy in Springfield District 186. We'll also investigate what possible lemoves there may be in the state legislature to remove the religious exemption when it comes to vaccinating kids.


It being tax day, it's only fair that we fully criticize the monopoly of government and work to ensure a more free and liberty minded system that would really spur on economic activity.

City Business

We'll jump into Springfield City Business to discuss a Springfield Police officer who was arrested over the weekend under suspicion of DUI. Should the officer be allotted paid administrative leave or should officers be held to a higher standard and be suspended without pay for finding themselves in situations that would lead to an arrest (let alone possible criminal charges)? We'll sound off today with Bishop On Air.


Also in City Business we'll talk with Alderman Frank Edwards about tonight's Springfield City Council Meeting. We'll talk about what's on the agenda, where the ordinance for the proposed Ward Map stands and the possible NAPA contract.


Sound off with Bishop On Air from 9 to noon on 970 WMAY, The News and Talk of Springfield. Listen live and call 217-629-7970, email, Tweet or Facebook. Also, be sure to check out the podcast updates with the Bishop On Air Podcast.


Feds Stand Down, Taxes, and Open Letter From Calvin

Greg Bishop takes over the airwaves to give you liberty-minded talk you won't find anywhere else in Central Illinois! We'll talk state's rights, taxes, the local Good Ol' Boys Network and more with Bishop On Air from 9 to noon only on 970 WMAY, The News and Talk of Springfield.

Feds stand down at Bundy Ranch

What in the world happened in Nevada the past few weeks? And, more importantly, why wasn't the mainstream media reporting on the story? We'll talk about Cliven Bundy's range wars with the Bureau of Land Management, Harry Reid's connection, militiamen's response, why the feds stood down and what it means that the majority of the mainstream fell asleep on the story. That conversation is coming up with Bishop On Air.


Tuesday is tax day with millions of Americans being forced through the violence of government to incriminate themselves on how much money they made in a year. Aside from highlighting the argument that your 5th amendment right to remain silent is thrown out the window when the IRS is concerned. But, when it comes to Illinois, should we be OK with the temporary income tax hike being continued? Should we be OK with funding incompetent government--the same government that buys over 80 State Police squad cars that sit idle in a Springfield parking lot for nearly a year?

Open letter from Calvin

An early morning letter sent to area media outlets from Calvin Christian says that he was going to drop his federal harassment case with the city as part of a deal to handle a bunch of tickets against him, but since the State's Attorney motioned to repeal the sentence of court supervision and fines, Christian says he's gonna expose the "good ol' boys network" in Springfield. We'll read his letter and ask the question ... is there a good ol' boys network in Springfield and Sangamon County?


Sound off with Bishop On Air from 9 to noon on 970 WMAY, The News and Talk of Springfield. Listen live and call 217-629-7970, email, Tweet or Facebook. Also, be sure to check out the podcast updates with the Bishop On Air Podcast.


From the Library: License Plate Readers in Springfield

Greg Bishop broadcasts from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library from 9 to noon only on 970 WMAY! Tune in to hear a fascinating conversation about a moment in history, a discussion about public safety pensions, and how Springfield Police are woefully behind on getting policies and procedures in place for technology that could be used for surveillance without a warrant. We'll get to it all with Bishop On Air! Don't miss it.

License Plate Readers in Springfield

Way back in August of 2011 I saw some interesting cameras on the back of a Springfield Police squad car. I reached out to then Deputy Police Chief Cliff Buscher to get more information about what I thought was license plate recognition technology. I was correct. Watch a video from 2 1/2 years ago here:


A year after revealing the LPRs at SPD, the American Civil Liberties of Illinois wanted more information. From a story posted to July of 2012, the ACLU wanted details about how:


[T]he information which Springfield police have gathered with the cameras could violate the rights of its citizens. The ACLU has requested a response on the issue from the Department and expects to hear back from City Police on Monday.

As we patiently awaited for the policies and procedures, the Springfield Police File Shredding Scandal of 2013. That took attention away from other matters.


Just the other week, I thought why not revisit the issue. Surely, with a new police chief and some perceived bad apples no longer with SPD they have the policies and procedures in place, right? A FOIA request for that info provided this response:


The Springfield Police Department has no finalized policy or procedure in place for license plate reading cameras. A draft policy is under review, but it is exempt from release ...

A person familiar with the situation says that Springfield Police currently have two LPR systems being used daily for things like finding people with excessive parking tickets and people with outstanding warrants. So, the Springfield Police Department has been using this technology for 2 1/2 years without having policies and procedures in place. How do you feel about that? We'll get your reaction today with Bishop On Air from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library!


Education, Second Amendment, Internal Revenue Service, and More

Greg Bishop takes over the airwaves from 9 to noon weekdays on 970 WMAY, The News and Talk of Springfield. Tune in to talk about education, the Second Amendment, death and taxes and more! It's a liberty perspective you won't find anywhere else on the airwaves with Bishop On Air on 970 WMAY, The News and Talk of Springfield.


A rally in Springfield today meant to boost the prominence of Charter Schools brings up the debate of "public schools of choice" versus "public schools of force." A slew of bills in Illinois is considered the strongest opposition to the system in a couple of decades. We'll take your temperature on how you feel about charter schools in Illinois.

Second Amendment

Where do we begin? Do we start with DOJ's Eric "Brainwash Kids Fast and Furious" Holder urging new technology like biometrics on firearms or how about Springfield Public Schools seemingly unwilling to acknowledge the political implications of the erroneous Second Amendment assertions? Either way, it's surely going to fire you up when we sound off on the constant attacks on the right to keep and bear arms.

Internal Revenue Service

We'll cover a couple of different issue when it comes to taxes and the Internal Revenue Service--including criminal charges being posited for Lois Lerner, revelations that progressive groups were not targeted because of their name but conservative groups were, and Tax Freedom Day is three days later this year. There's nothing certain in life other than death and taxes ... and Bishop On Air will get you the latest criticism.  Don't miss it!

News on the March

From support for Windows XP expiring to reports of the US supplying Syrian rebels with anti-tank weapons, to the Reverend Al Sharpton's relationship with the FBI -- we'll get these and other stories out during News on the March.

Council preview

Tonight's a Springfield City Council Committee of the Whole. What could be the big issues of the night? Will the long-stalled NAPA contract come back up? We'll be there with our recorders on and all the analysis you've come to expect with The Council Roundup Wednesday morning with Bishop On Air on 970 WMAY.


Sound off with Bishop On Air from 9 to noon on 970 WMAY, The News and Talk of Springfield. Listen live and call 217-629-7970, email, Tweet or Facebook. Also, be sure to check out the podcast updates with the Bishop On Air Podcast.


Public Sector Pension, School's Real Estate, Remember Otis McDonald and More

Back after the weekend, Greg Bishop brings you liberty-minded talk you can't find anywhere else in central Illinois. Tune in for Bishop On Air to talk about public sector pensions, Springfield schools real estate, unionizing college athletes, plus we'll remember Otis McDonald as a true civil rights activist!

Post Half Marathon

More than 2,000 runners took to the streets of downtown Springfield Saturday to run around for 13.1 miles. This was the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon's 50th, my second, and several close friends first including my fiance Meghan! How did I perform? Last year I had lost 50 lbs training for the early April race. I came in just under 3 hours in 2013. After continuing to train for most of the year I dropped an additional 40 lbs for a total of 90 since January 2013. As for my pace for this year's race, I trimmed 45 MINUTES OFF MY OVERALL TIME!!! So I went from just under 3 hours to finish 13.1 miles to just under 2 hours 15 minutes to finish the half marathon! What a difference a year makes! Watch a pretty neat animation (plugin support required) of my race below:


Public Sector Pensions

From cutting back public sector employment, raising taxes and fees, cutting back on government services or having grant money diverted to pay for them, municipalities across the state are waking up and smelling the pension obligations that is in the tens to hundreds of millions of dollars in unfunded liability. We'll talk about what the options are and what you think should be done about it.

School's Real Estate

Springfield District 186 has some budget problems. Over $5 million in budget problems. That's a big deal. They also have some land on the west side of town that could be the grounds for a new West Side High School. What do you think about selling off that land for a couple of million dollars in hopes of shoring up the budget for this year? Your chance to sound off is with Bishop On Air!

College Athletics

No, we won't be talking about the NCAA's title game for college basketball. Instead, we'll discuss the unionization of collegiate sports. Should college athletes vote to unionize as the National Labor Relations Board has opened the door for? Get your points heard today on 970 WMAY!

Otis McDonald

Gun-rights supporters are remembering Otis McDonald as the father of the Second Amendment in Illinois. We'll hear from Valinda Rowe from about Otis's efforts to overturn Chicago's handgun ban. Plus, we'll talk about the current state of concealed carry and if that's really having an impact on violent crime in Chicago.


Sound off with Bishop On Air from 9 to noon on 970 WMAY, The News and Talk of Springfield. Listen live and call 217-629-7970, email, Tweet or Facebook. Also, be sure to check out the podcast updates with the Bishop On Air Podcast.


My Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon Stats

Today's Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon was its 50th, my second and several good friend's firsts, including my fiance's!


The race is as classy as any kind of production I've seen. But it must be said that without the volunteers and staff, businesses and the City of Springfield, the event would not be! Thanks to everyone who was involved in making today a huge success! Find out more about the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon here.


Now, check out my stats below. Quick note: Last year running 13.1 miles my time was just under 3 hours. I lost 50 lbs training for the marathon in 2013. After continuing the life decision of regular exercise and conscientious eating I was able to drop another 40 lbs before today's race! I have lost 90 POUNDS TRAINING SINCE 2013! Plus, for the half marathon I shaved 45 minutes off last's year and pulled in 13.1 miles in just under 2 hours, fifteen minutes.


Goes to show that hard word does pay off!

























Legislators Think You're Dumb, The CIA, On Rights and More

Greg Bishop broadcasts from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library every Thursday. Tune in to 970 WMAY from 9 to noon for live and local liberty-minded talk you can't find anywhere else in central Illinois. Today we'll welcome some special guests and cover controversial topics you need to know about!


Guests -- We'll be joined by several guests today to highlight the arts and the community. First up we'll air an interview with Shawn Smith, a Professor of the history photography. Professor Smith will be presenting the history of African American photography this evening at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.


After 11 o'clock we'll be joined by Michelle Higginbotham to talk about a partnership between Enos Park and Allied Waste. How could this partnership be a model for other communities throughout the city? Tune in for more!

Legislators think you're dumb

There are several things on the front of lawmakers thinking the public are morons. First up is President Obama touting over 7 million "sign-ups" and saying that the law is here to stay. Firstly, no law is "here to stay." There are plenty of laws that get overturned. Secondly, sign-ups doesn't mean the premiums are paid or will get paid. Let's see that number before we let the "why don't people want others to have insurance" propaganda set in. Obama thinks we're nothing but children with no means to make decisions on our own. Quite sad, really.


Then there's state lawmakers wanting to legislate common courtesy. The proposal making it through the state house to ban smoking on state-funded college campuses (not just in dorms or office, but also outside). Here, lawmakers think you as a non smoker don't have the backbone to ask someone to either extinguish a cigarette or move from an area you're enjoying fresh air. Are you done being babied? Why don't they take a look at how to streamline government services instead of looking to legislate common sense.


Two issues concerning the CIA--Firstly we'll go over the report a Senate Intelligence committee is expected to declassify a report about torture. The CIA is reported to disagree with the findings ... of course they are. We'll review the whole saga today with Bishop On Air!


Meanwhile, the Associated Press is reporting that the the US government through USAID supported a social network in Cuba that was meant to spur on dissent in that country. This is a perfect example of an interventionist foreign policy and also hints and the US government (through an unchecked CIA) being involved in uprisings elsewhere throughout the world. This is big issue that doesn't win us many friends around the world. It must be exposed and stopped.

On rights

Comments made to a Facebook thread from earlier this week concern mental illness and firearms, but also touch on other "rights"

"the Bill of Rights is intended to be a list of things the government cannot keep you from doing. For instance--Government can't restrict your speech or what you print or who you pray to or who you associate with. But, with those rights comes responsibility. As John said earlier you could be in a situation that requires you to run through a theater screaming "FIRE," and are free to do so now! But, if your actions are shown to restrict the freedom of or harm others then you are responsible for what happens and should be held liable. The same goes for all other rights, not limited to the First Amendment, Second Amendment, or any other human rights outlined by any body."


On mental illness and guns


"On the mentally ill and firearms: Current Illinois law does ban the mentally ill from having guns. And I think you'll find nearly every gun owner agrees that guns should be out of the hands of the mentally ill. But the government doesn't follow through on their end. If someone goes through the legal system and is known to be mentally ill it is supposed to be put through the system and flagged upon those background checks that statists advocate for. But, since precious government that we worship and praise with taxes (just threw up a bit in my mouth) can't do their job, some want to put more laws infringing more and more on the individual. Not having it."

Gun-Free Zones

Another gun-free zone, another mass shooting, and this time another tragedy on an army base within the US. From an emailer:

"Army personnel are not allowed to have or carry live firearms or ammunition unless they ar MPs or Criminal Investigations personnel unless under direct orders. In other words, base personnel are unarmed. Some base commanders also do not allow firearms in assigned family living quarters. Some military commanders also do not allow firearms in the off base homes of active duty soldiers under their command. You get on base with a live firearm and opposition will be slow in coming."

Government funding

If there's time, we'll get into the funding for education and infrastructure. Asking for more money from taxpayers, or diverting funds from other services to make up for education, infrastructure or even public sector pensions doesn't fix the problem of mismanagement by government. If new revenue through taxation and fees is passed, that is like giving a kid more candy for eating the candy of others. There's a ton of disconnect here that needs to be corrected before hitting up taxpayers for more money.


Sound off with Bishop On Air from 9 to noon on 970 WMAY, The News and Talk of Springfield. Listen live and call 217-629-7970, email, Tweet or Facebook. Also, be sure to check out the podcast updates with the Bishop On Air Podcast.


City Business, Shall Not Infringe, and Constitution Party Gov. Candidate

Back at another three hours of live and local liberty-minded talk, Greg Bishop broadcasts over the central Illinois airwaves from 9 to noon on 970 WMAY. Today we'll talk union influence at city hall, changing the age of police cadets (and retirees), a second water supply and more. Don't miss Bishop On Air only on 970 WMAY, The News and Talk of Springfield.

City business

Police cadets and retirees--Alderman Kris Theilen joins the show to talk about his proposal to increase the age of new cadets to the Springfield Police Department. His proposal would allow for cadets to apply and test for SPD if they're up to the age of 45. Currently the age cap is 35 and 45 if someone has military experience. But, there's an amendment that could be tacked on during tonight's City Council Meeting that would, alongside changing the age cap, change the retirement age from 65 to 60. Tune in to hear more about that change up first with Bishop On Air!


Union influence--The issue is not gonna go away. You'll hear Alderman Theilen sound off on comments made by Alderman Joe McMenamin concerning the perceived union influence at city hall. Then we'll open it up for discussion. Is city union money going to aldermen a conflict of interest? Rev up to sound off today!


Second water supply study--yes there's another one up for passage tonight. We hope to be joined by City Water Light and Power Chief Engineer Eric Hobbie about the water study and the need to secure a second water supply for the city of Springfield.

Shall not infringe

Let's diagram the Second Amendment. What does it mean? We'll go through all the aspects and get your take on what a "well regulated militia" is ... what "keep and bear arms" means and what the clause "shall not be infringed." Do the amendments allow for there to be laws made that would infringe on the people's rights? Or are they there to explicitly

Constitution Party Gov. Candidate

In the 11 o'clock hour we'll be joined by Constitution Party Candidate for Illinois Governor Mike Oberline. The 65-year-old Decatur native is a Marine veteran and recipient of a Bronze Star Medal was also a reserve officer. We'll hear more about the candidate, and in particular what he would do for Illinois if he were to get elected. Don't miss this conversation with Bishop On Air!


Sound off with Bishop On Air from 9 to noon on 970 WMAY, The News and Talk of Springfield. Listen live and call 217-629-7970, email, Tweet or Facebook. Also, be sure to check out the podcast updates with the Bishop On Air Podcast.


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