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October 24, 2014, 2:46 am
Bishop's Half-Marathon Blog Archives for 2013-02

Raise your hand if you're a beginner ...

In my training for the Lincoln Presidential Half-Marathon, I've made great strides --- pardon the pun --- but what I've really noticed is I'm new at this whole thing.


My previous posts about quitting smoking, my diet, how to track my food and my workouts, have all be very helpful, but nothing has been more helpful than my conversation with Jason and Jeff from St. John's Athleticare.

St. John's AthletiCare


I sat down with Jason and Jeff for a couple of hours to go over what I've been doing in training and what I should be focusing on.


We're a few weeks away from the big run, and one thing I really need to do is take advantage of the off days. These are days I've been neglecting as I want to drop as much weight as possible before the 13.1 mile run (by the way I've lost 25 lbs since this all started).


However, as we get closer to the big race, I'm going to be putting a lot of stress on my knees, hips, and body in general. The off days will be crucial for me to recover!


Jason laid out for me a training guide for the next few weeks. Last Sunday I upped my big run-day Sunday to 7 miles. That was difficult, but I got through it, especially after loading up on carbs before running! This next run-day Sunday I will get up to 9 miles! Then I'll take a break the following week and only run 3 or 4 miles for my big run-day. But, it'll kick back in the following two weeks to be 10 miles one run-day Sunday and then 11 miles for the following run-day Sunday! HOLY COW! That's a lot, but I can get it done!


The thing Jason really stressed was the taper weeks just before the race. The two weeks beforehand, I will not be running nearly as much. This is a way to prepare me for the big race.


Jason also stressed how I need to test out clothing, foods, water intake, all to prepare for the big day. I don't want to have digestive issues, chafing issues or anything else that will hold me up from crossing that finish line.


Next, I'll tell you about something else that's gonna get me through the race ... and that's some new shoes and running gear from The Springfield Running Center off West White Oaks.

The workouts ... Every. Single. Day.

Visit the my jog blog here for other entries

Enough futzing around ... I've talked about smoking, about food ... and about food again!

"My gosh, Bish, quit being a chubs!"

Now on to the part that seems like some kind of motivational poster, "where there's no pain, no gain."

Here's what I did about a month ago after I knew I'd be attempting the Lincoln Presidential Half-Marathon April 6th. I searched online for a sample of what a weeks exercise routine should be in order to train for a 13.1 mile run. From that, and because of my schedule, I decided upon this:


  • Sunday's would be my big run-days. At first I'd start with two miles, jog/walk. From there I would determine what I'd run throughout the week. The first Sunday I made two miles--warm up and a mix of jogging and running. I then went on another round that same day.
  • Then Monday's, after work, I book it to the gym to get on the elliptical machine for 30 minutes. There I choose a course that provides a good amount of resistance so I can keep my heart-rate up. After that 30 minute cardio, I get on some machines to work my upper-body Ideally, I'd go another 30 minutes.
  • Workouts for Tuesday includes either an indoor or outdoor jog/walk of 30 minutes, plus a lower-body workout with machines. If I run outside, I go for two miles as quick as I can. On the treadmill I go for 30 minutes, which lately has been right about 2.2 (and continues to get further).
  • Wednesdays it's off my feet and on a stationary bike of some kind There I use a program to provide resistance to force my heart rate up and steady. After a 30 minute, roughly 10-plus-mile trek, I then head to other machines for an upper body workout.
  • Thursdays, it's back to a 30 minute jog/walk workout on the treadmill.
  • Fridays, it's back either on the elliptical or the on the stationary bike ... either way, I want to be off my feet but still getting my heart rate up.
  • Saturdays are a bonus day that I could use to rest, but I still go get my heart-rate up on a machine and do some kind of machine workout or work on my core (though, I still need a LOT of work on that).

Then back to Sundays, it's time for the big run day. When I started I thought two miles was gonna kill me. Now a month later, I'm up to nearly 5.5 miles on my big run Sunday. I hope that by the time April 6th comes around and I'm up to run 13.1 miles, I can do it without losing my sanity!

More motivational poster stuff: This is where you put up or shut up!

Really, it's a big jump to devote to a training schedule ... but once you start and feel the benefits of working hard every day to work harder and go farther, you don't want to stop! I haven't skipped a trip to the gym in a month. That in combination of a good solid diet of fresh vegetables and calorie counting and plenty of solid sleep to recoup my body ... I've lost 20 pounds since Christmas!

That's motivation!


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