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Photo Credit: Mid-West Family Broadcasting

Photo Credit: Mid-West Family Broadcasting

Greg Bishop wakes you up every morning with liberty-minded talk you won’t find anywhere else in central Illinois. With listener calls and news making guests, Bishop takes on the issues impacting you in your backyard, across the state and around the world thought the liberty perspective.

Bishop is also a Radio Reporter for the Illinois News Network covering statehouse issues.

Bishop enjoys the outdoors with his partner in life Meghan.

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  • Ann Wilhite

    I called in this morning when you were talking about an ordinance for sub-letting leases on Lake Springfield. I said that the city had the right to control the watershed, since it was the main water source for the city. You said you’d grown up in Litchfield and had lots of fun parties on Lake Litchfield. I’d grown up in Carlinville (which has 2 lakes) and they now think the 2 lakes are unsuitable for drinking since they’d added a large park, new construction, etc. All these things impair the watershed since they reduce ground cover and they don’t let the rain water soak through dirt.
    I found out that Lake Litchfield USED to be the water source for Litchfield, but “improvements” like impervious surfacing can ruin the lake for drinking since the natural processes cannot occur. Lake Lou Yaeger is now the drinking water source for Litchfield.
    I’m saying that over time “improvements” can ruin lakes, which are expensive to make and maintain.

  • David Ratz

    I heard what you did there.While mentioning the second amendment on air today,THE right to keep and bear arms was referred to as “our” right and “your” right, as if it was in one’s personal possession. Well played,sir. Quite the proper propagandist.

  • David Ratz

    1 comment. 1 listener, apparently.