SMTD Facing Several Delays on Major Initiatives

Sangamon Mass Transit District / Official Website
Sangamon Mass Transit District / Official Website

The Sangamon Mass Transit District says several major initiatives are running behind schedule. SMTD is moving to a new route system and getting ready to launch its off-street transfer center on 11th between Adams and Washington.

But the agency says staffing and vehicle limitations is delaying training on the new routes, which now will not be introduced until just after the first of the year. The transfer center also will not be fully operational until the new routes are implemented in January.

Meanwhile, SMTD is blaming a subcontractor for delays in implementing Intelligent Transportation Systems technology, which will allow more high-tech dispatch and tracking of buses. That system now will not be in use until at least late fall… and the subcontractor could be on the hook for damages if there are further delays.