Illinois Lawmakers To Take Up Gun Proposals This Week

Illinois lawmakers will start voting next week on a package of gun-related bills in the aftermath of the Florida school shooting.

House Speaker Mike Madigan says a package of bills will be brought forward, including a measure to require state licensing of gun dealers, prohibiting the sale of assault-style weapons to anyone under 21, and putting new restrictions on access to firearms for anyone with a history of mental illness.

Another measure would make it easier for family members to intervene and have guns taken away from a relative who may pose a danger to himself or others.

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  1. cindy

    You are walking all over my 2nd amendment rights. Yet all of you can’t stop the gun violence in your own city. Why? Because criminals will always get guns and they don’t follow your laws. You are all ridiculous. The reason for all the violence is because of your stupid laws now. You should all be fired and get nothing.


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