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Mid-West Family Broadcasting
P.O. Box 460
Springfield, Illinois 62705

Physical Address (for prize pick up)
Mid-West Family Broadcasting
1510 North Third Street
Riverton, Illinois 62561

Phone & Fax
Studio Line: 217.629.7970
Business: 217.629.7077
Fax: 217.629.7952

Program Director: TJ Hart
General Manager: Mark Birtch
Operations Manager: Chris Murphy
Sales Manager: Fiona Irvin


  • Lexie

    I would like for you to look into the Omomukuyo case in the RJC Regional Justice Center my husband is being held on felony harassment charges stating that he threatened to kill a federal way woman that resides at the same place our mutual friend lives and gave access to my husband after that the woman revealed a phone that she later said that she was calling the police due to illegal trespassing the federal way police arrived and witnessed a door propped open as it is a secure door after given access to enter by a tenant that lives there the lady then told the police that my husband threatened her life and has a friend make a statement though no statement was actually accounted for and there is no official evidence proving the allegations that are being pressed against my husband at this time and would like you to look into this.